10 Things to NOT say to a Pregnant Woman!!

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life, and it can also be a very interesting time as well. I remember being pregnant and being touched by strangers, and have comments said that I may or may not have liked. I see many moms to be facing the same dilema as I did in regards to inappropriate comments… So with that, today we will enjoy, and some may laugh as they (like myself) experienced the same comments.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but—-Remember, some things are better left unsaid.

Here is a list of just 10 things NOT to say to a Pregnant Woman:

  1. You’re huge…..Are you sure you aren’t having twins…..You must be due any day now
  2. You’re tiny…. Are you sure the baby is growing…..Are you sure you are pregnant…..I’m worried your baby will be too small
  3. Who’s the father?
  4. Was it planned?
  5. Should you be eating/drinking that??
  6. Wow, you sure were hungry!!! ……….You sure ate that quick!
  7. Do not frighten a mom with your horrific labour story as everyone is different.
  8. Aren’t you too old/too young for kids.
  9. I only gained “insert small #” lbs when I was pregnant.
  10. Can I rub your belly.

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