12 Habits for Happy Moms

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Being a mom can be stressful, fun, chaotic, exciting, adventurous, overwhelming, and entertaining all in the same sentence…..and all in the same day!! Here is a list of 12 habits for happy moms.

  1. Ask for help. Happy moms are able to easily ask for help from family and friends by simply saying “please”. This way they will not miss that weekend away,
  2. Leave the house. Happy moms get outdoors and get some fresh air and sun (vitamin D). Whether it is going for a walk-push a stroller, going to the park-play on the playground or play on the swings, or other fun outdoors, being outside can help boost your mood.
  3. Plan some fun. Happy moms ensure that they still get out and have fun, whether it is a family vacation, a weekend away be creative and have fun. Happy moms save money for this and set aside time as they know this is important.
  4. Get sleep. Happy moms ensure they get adequate sleep to moderate their mood, and keep them in balance. It can be difficult in the beginning months for a new mom, but as soon as you can “get back your sleep” the sooner you will be more joyful, in better health and less stressed.
  5. Get a six-pack. This can be taken one of two ways…and by that I don’t mean alcohol, I mean exercise and work out!! There are ways to make you happy and feel good–such as by working out! Exercise boosts your mood because of endorphins. Endorphins are released when you work out which send signals to your brain to give you a feel good, happy mood.
  6. Alone time. As guilty as you may feel doing it, be sure to find time for you. Whether it is reading a book by yourself, having a nice bubble bath, a night out with the girls…no matter what it is, finding time for yourself is crucial to keep you a happy mom.
  7. Love what you have. Happy moms don’t compare or compete when it comes to your children, your cars, your house, your relationships….be content, and love what you have!
  8. Spend time with your girls. Happy moms make sure they have strong relationships with girl friends.
  9. Treat yourself. Happy moms treat themselves to nice things. Whether it is a spa day, buying themselves flowers or something special, get a facial, get their hair done, or even just get the car washed….happy moms find ways to treat themselves.
  10. Lighten the overload. Happy moms lighten what seems to be an overload or abundance of things to do, places to be, etc…..and do less, more often!! Happy moms appreciate time and have fun doing the simple activities and things they enjoy.
  11. Journal. Happy moms write down their feelings, their goals, and their dreams. This can be done in a journal, or done in a vision board/dream board.
  12. Smile. Happy moms smile more. Smile at your children to show that you love and care for them. Not only will this show them how you feel, it will in-turn make you happier. Try it….spend a few minutes and just smile about things, you will notice a happier disposition almost immediately, not to mention it will help lessen the feeling of being stressed. Children love seeing their parents happy!

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