30 Healthy Snacks For Your Kids At School

What you decide to give your children in their lunch for school will have a huge impact on their eating habits for life. Sounds like a strong statement, but if you really think about it, it’s true.

We as parents have a job to do and that is to instill proper eating habits for our kids.

Now, that we have our first child in J/K, we really get to see how many children have very poorly packed lunches.  For instance my sons best friend, always has lunchables in his lunch and this poor boy believes they are healthy.

Our son went and told him that they aren’t and they are just processed food that doesn’t do your body any good.  Now, this is quite funny coming from a 4 year old, but that is what we have instilled in him.

So, parents it’s time to own up to your duties and teach your children the foods they need to eat.  If you weren’t taught that, then it’s time for you to learn.  Learn 30 great foods to put into your child’s lunch!

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