5 Things to Do Before Baby is Due!

One Month before baby…5 Things to Do!

With less than one month until I am expecting my second child I am reminded of all the things I should be doing to prepare for baby…but these 5 things are more for MOM! Here is a list of 5 things mom should do for herself and sanity before baby is due!

  1. Go on a Date!Kiss Spend some time with your significant other doing something that you both enjoy doing, possibly something that you don’t foresee happening after baby arrives! My husband and are going to do dinner and a movie to “regroup” and cherish the quality one on on time we will get, as once baby arrives….my attention will be focused primarily on him/her. It can be hard to find a sitter, hard to find the time, or you may completely forget the importance of spending time with your significant other.
  2. Pamper Yourself! CoolWhether you go to the spa, get your nails done, your hair done, or get a massage, or even a nice long relaxing bubble bath….make sure you take some time for you! Baby is already taking a lot of your energy right now, and will take even more of it once he/she arrives. Be sure to treat yourself to something special to make you feel good. Typically, once you are a mom, you are put last on the priority list.
  3. Prepare some food! Spend a day or afternoon preparing some meals ahead of time that can be put into the freezer. Chili, casseroles, lasagna’s…..to even desserts-making cookies, muffins, squares are a few ideas of what to make. This will save you from wondering “what to make for dinner” with limited time, and save you from ordering in–so it will save you money!! It’s also great to have things on hand if company is popping over unexpectedly, or you want to have some snacks on hand.
  4. Stock the cupboards! Most women do most of the grocery, and household shopping. With that said, time will become of the essence, and many things may become neglected/forgotten. I would recommend stocking your cupboards with the necessity items as well as anything that can be kept in dry storage. For someone having their first child this may not be as big of a deal bringing a baby along for the ride….but for myself having a toddler as well—and for those who have more than one additional child (whom I commend daily) it may be a little more tricky to go for a “quick shop”.
  5. Clean your house! Whether it is done by yourself in your nesting mode, or if it is done by hired help…you will be glad you did it! A thorough clean makes you feel good about the environment you are bringing your newborn into. You can also take time to organize the baby room, and get things sorted. Time will be of the essence and you want to be as prepared as possible to make your life simpler once baby arrives.

Remember to take the time for YOU! You will be very busy in the next few months, so be sure to treat yourself to some time with a loved one, friend, family, or co-worker! Don’t take life’s simple luxuries for granted!

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