5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Tips to Avoid Becoming Santa: Avoid the Holiday Weight Gain

It’s the Christmas and holiday season where cookies, sweets, and other goodies are widespread. It’s  hard to avoid weight during the holidays. Not to mention the delicious turkey, stuffing, casseroles, that are just oh so yummy….calling us back for seconds! During the holiday season it is typical for weight gain. For some it may only be a few pounds, while others may put on a few more. A few pounds…no big deal, right? ….Wrong! Most people do not lose the few extra pounds they put on. Here are 5 tips to help you avoid holiday weight gain.

5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain:

  • Stay active! Whether you make an extra effort to go to the gym, partake in a an work out class (aerobics, yoga, pilates, aquafit, kick-boxing)– find something that interests you. It could also be a weekly sport you participate in. The simplest thing you can do is simply go for a walk. If it’s cold out–no excuses– bundle up and get outdoors to enjoy the fresh air!
  • Pre-party! Prepare yourself before the party…what does that mean? It means make sure you do not go on an empty stomach that will be easily tempted by the sweet/salty treats. Protein is one of the best things you can fuel yourself with. A protein bar/protein cookie is a quick and easy way to keep your body satisfied in a healthy way!
  • Drink Responsibly! We all know with the holiday season comes gatherings with friends and family where drinking comes very naturally. Alcohol is high in calories with no nutrition. It’s not just about calories though, when you drink too much you lose control-therefore losing control of what you eat.
  • Water! Be sure to drink lot’s of water to keep yourself hydrated. No need in confusing thirst for hunger. Also, having a glass of water before your meal will help you feel fuller so you avoid going back for those unnecessary seconds.
  • Portion Control! Limit your portions, or choose a smaller sized plate so you think you have more than you really do. When going for desserts take small slices of more items so you feel like you are getting so much because you ate more because you got a variety of items.

Enjoy yourself while you are out with friends and family but make it more about the relationships, than about the food!! Wink

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