60 Summer Activities for Kids!

summer kid activities

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60 Summer Activities for Kids!

60 Fun ideas, from Martha Stewart herself, on things activities for kids to do in the summer!! Here is just the quick list, but for more detail visit Martha Stewart’s website on 60 summer activities for kids.
I saw these ideas summer activities and thought they fun and creative—and had to share!! Happy Summer fun everyone!! Smile


  1. Make Cork Stamps
  2. Make Potted Chocolate Mint Puddings
  3. Go for a family outing-hike, beach, etc
  4. Make chocolate ginger bathing beauties
  5. Make fun summer picnic plates
  6. Make an obstacle course outside
  7. Make butterfly cupcakes
  8. Make a Tic-Tac-Towel
  9. Have fun with temporary tattoos
  10. Have fun on a tree swing
  11. Make summer ice cream treats
  12. Make rock crafts-animals/people/objects, etc
  13. Blueberry fabric stamp fun
  14. Ocean Diorama
  15. Make a bird feeder
  16. Have a sprinkler party
  17. Make fun blender drinks
  18. Paint sneakers
  19. Make a fun scrapbook
  20. Kids travel kits
  21. Bamboo fishing pole
  22. Rubber band message board
  23. Lollipop cupcakes
  24. Potato-Print kids clothes
  25. Make fun Ice Pops
  26. Canvas Checkerboard
  27. Make a sponge ball for hot days
  28. Make a customized journal
  29. Make Lunch labels
  30. Make clothes pin pinwheels
  31. Fish bowl gelatin
  32. Napkin crafts
  33. Carnival party
  34. Make luggage tags
  35. Make a kite
  36. Make Shark and beach cupcakes
  37. Make travel keepsake shadow boxes
  38. Flag cupcakes
  39. Have kids create a collector desk
  40. Make fun summer hats
  41. Make flower flip flops
  42. Shell wind chimes
  43. Make clay jewellery and thumbtacks
  44. Make holiday lanterns
  45. Make cupcake flags
  46. Make toy boats
  47. Make sun prints
  48. Make paper tops
  49. Make a bookworm game
  50. Make cardboard tube Spaceship
  51. Make kids beachy bath mitt
  52. Puppet theatre
  53. Make seashell koalas
  54. Make Tie-Dye clothes
  55. Make fancy sunglasses
  56. Make bubble wands
  57. Make a towel poncho
  58. Make beach umbrella pops
  59. Have a dress up box
  60. Bandana clothing crafts

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