90 days to get our sexy back!

It’s now just over 2 months after baby and I’m ready to kick butt and get my sexy back! With my husband by my side we are going to continue to challenge ourselves 90 days at a time!!!

We are following the Body by Vi program, as well as adding in fitness, and healthy eating!!

My goal is to lose 15 lbs and tone up, and my husbands goal is to lose weight and tone up as well focusing on his arms and abs (getting more than just a “2 pack”)
Nothing greater than having someone doing a challenge with you to help keep you accountable. I’ve decided to write about this so that I will stick to it and it will help keep me on track.

Who doesn’t like a little challenge?? Today is day 2 and we did p90x plyometics and let me tell you–that’s a great workout!! There was sweat, tears, and laughter throughout!! Had a blast!

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