Bananas: Ripening and Recipes!

The life stages of a Banana-Ripening and Recipes!!

I simply love bananas, as do so many other people!! I love to add them to my shakes in the morning, or wait for them to ripen so that I can make banana muffins!!  YUM! Smile

Here are some of the health benefits of Bananas:

  • they are packed full of fiber to keep your digestion regular, help maintain blood sugar level and prevent overeating
  • lowers blood pressure due to the high amount of potassium, which also helps keep our bones healthy and strong
  • packed full of vitamin B6–one banana has over 20% of our recommended daily amount of B6!

The greener the banana the higher the alkalinity and the higher the potassium. A “green banana” will also have a higher amount of starch–and will give the banana a more starch-like taste. The riper the banana the sweeter it is! A ripe banana has more sugar and it is more acidic.

Sometimes I realize I bought too many bananas, or they are ripening too quick!  Here is a tip to slow the ripening process: Separate them so that they aren’t all snuggled together. Each banana gives off ethylene gas and enzymes which cause all the other ones to get riper faster.  If you break all the bananas apart at the stem when you get them home, you will delay the ripening process. Smile

Click here for delicious recipes for each stage of the banana ripening process!!

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