Boost your mood with some fresh air

Boost your mood with fresh air

If you are looking to boost your mood, or wake yourself up, consider going outside for a walk.
If you are bored, irritable, tired, or feeling blah–get outdoors!! Fresh air with help boost your spirits and improve your mood!

This weekend we completed the BadAss Dash at Chicopee Ski hill in Kitchener- a 7km dash/obstacle course. Being outdoors stretching, and running was so physically and mentally fulfilling! It also helped that it was fall, and I love fall. I love adoring the beauty of it all, and being on top of Chicopee ski hill……I most certainly got a great look at the city!

Also after having turkey dinners this weekend, we felt sleepy and full- so we decided to go for a walk. Very quickly I found myself in a completely different mood! Wide awake again, alert, and ready to go!
So get outside and improve your mood!! Smile

Connecting with the earth, breathing fresh air…just being with nature helps to recharge, rejuvenate and refresh. (

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