Pumpkin Cake Recipe

Happy Halloween!! Pumpkin Cake Recipe Happy Halloween everyone!! The house is decorated, the treats are set outside for the kids to arrive, the … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today I would like to wish my incredible mom a wonderful birthday. As I grow older I appreciate my mom more and more.  As I continue my journey as … [Read more...]

When is moms day off?

When is moms day off? I think this picture is so funny, and so true! A lot of people think stay at home moms have it easy, when they most certainly … [Read more...]

Cineplex -Free Movies Today!

Free Movies today at your local Cineplex! Today-- Saturday morning at your local Cineplex theatre for Community Day in support of Starlight … [Read more...]

What do you want more than sex?

What do you want more than sex? Compliments are the new crack. Young Americans place such a high value on their sense of self-worth that they crave … [Read more...]

FREE Nursing Cover from Udder Covers!

FREE Nursing Cover from Udder Covers- For Nursing Mothers Just pay Shipping!! ($11.95) Who doesn't like a free thing! Well, how about a free "hooter … [Read more...]

Thirsty Thursday! Birthday Cake Shake

Thirsty Thursday! Visalus Birthday Cake Shake! "Happy Birthday!" In celebration of my birthday last weekend a shake recipe that truly tastes like … [Read more...]

Boost your mood with some fresh air

Boost your mood with fresh air If you are looking to boost your mood, or wake yourself up, consider going outside for a walk. If you are bored, … [Read more...]

Dear Fall, I love you!

Dear Fall, I love you! There is something about fall that is just so wonderful. Maybe I am slightly biased as my birthday is in fall....but I don't … [Read more...]

Say “Hi” Day!!

Say Hi Day! Have you said "Hi" to a stranger, or passerby? Schools across Waterloo Region are using today, September 26, 2012 as a "Say Hi Day" to … [Read more...]