Christmas Countdown!

With less than one month until Christmas, the clock is setting in! Snow has finally arrived which has gotten more people in the Christmas spirit!

It is not even December yet, but this year I am on the ball! All the decorations (inside and outside) have been up for weeks. (call me crazy but I feel like it’s a waste/shame to go to all the work of putting them all up—and then tearing them down 2 weeks later–like some do!)

I also have almost ALL MY SHOPPING DONE! Yes, not even December and Christmas shopping is done! Perhaps the decorations have helped keep me in the spirit, and mindset! I know there are some people out there who start shopping year long, and others who have it done in the summer…..I don’t know how those people hold back from buying more the remainder of the year! I have a hard enough time not buying more when I’m done early!

To stay up to date on how many days until Christmas- check out the Christmas Countdown clock by simply clicking here. It gives you an up to date countdown until Christmas….by the day, hour, minute and even to the last second!!

Hope everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit!! I know I am!! You think as a child Christmas was fun and exciting, well I believe it is more exciting now being an adult with Children….watching the children open gifts and seeing their excitement. Priceless! This year my oldest son will almost be 3, he is starting to understand the Christmas season-very briefly.

The Christmas season is unfortunately known as a time to “get presents”, but more importantly it’s about a season of giving. Giving gifts to others, giving your time to others, spending time with friends and family!
One organization I have helped for many years is Operation Christmas Child. It’s a fun and easy way to give a Christmas to those less fortunate. You can help build your own shoe box filled with items children need. Another way I have helped out is by helping out in the warehouses packing shoe boxes, and ensuring they were filled appropriately. Click here to see a location that needs help as well as day/times.

Even though this is a very commercialized time of year, be sure to celebrate the true season and give back to others!

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