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What is the Body by Vi diet?

Everyone’s talking about the body by vi diet… Let’s just stop right there!! It is NOT A DIET!!!  The Body By Vi, Visalus, program is a 90-Day Health Challenge– and it is a hot topic these days. There’s a reason: The Visalus 90 day Challenge is a healthy way to help you with your weight loss goals, feel great AND make money. It will help you live a healthy lifestyle, help you feel good because the products are full of nutrition!
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Find out below what the Body By Vi Challenge does and doesn’t do, what is and is not required or involved with the diet/program.

Here’s What Body By Vi DOESN’T Do

If you’re wondering, “What is Body by Vi diet?”,  Let’s start with what it isn’t.
Body By Vi doesn’t:

  • Make you diet or restrict foods
  • Weigh you in public.
  • Make you count points, keep track of food, or calories.
  • Sell You Expensive Meals, or force a meal plan on you.
  • Force extreme workout plans on you.

Body By Vi™ is a life-changing program created by ViSalus™ Sciences. It combines scientifically researched vitamins, ViSalus™ shakes and supplements; all combined with healthy meals and online support.

Here’s What Body By Vi™ DOES Do

If you’re wondering, “What is Body by Vi diet?”, Body By Vi™ does:

  • Help you lose weight!
  • Help increase your self confidence!
  • Show you a healthy way to live!
  • Give you support from the Visalus Community!
  • Allows you to continue to eat the foods you love without feeling guilty!!!!!
  • Reward your efforts with over $10,000,000 in Prizes!
  • Allow you to get your product for FREE every month!
  • Show you the way to your FREE BMW!

This program can be a transformation not only for your body and health, but also your income level and your life.

Join the Challenge today to start your 90 days to the New You!

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