Do you have a HAPPY DANCE?

happy dance pics on Sodahead

Do you have a HAPPY DANCE??

I DO, I DO!! Whenever something good happens I like to actually dance around. This is usually only done in the home, where my husband or my son can see! Writing this however….makes me think I should include this in more areas of my life!!

So…I will ask the question again…Do you have a happy dance? Have you ever danced around or even done the hippy shake because something good happened? Maybe you got a promotion at work, maybe you got an awesome compliment, maybe your little one started using the potty, you finished your book, maybe you got a new house, maybe you are going on a trip-and better yet-maybe you got bumped up to first class, maybe you fit into those jeans that didn’t fit last year…who knows!!

However simple or big it is, it is important to celebrate!! Dancing is great as it’s a form of exercise, it’s fun, and it can really brighten ones day and put a smile on your face (as well as others who are watching). I remember the first time I broke out into a happy dance, and boy did I get a reaction out of my husband!! He was grinning ear to ear and asked me what I was doing. Since then, he has taken on my happy dance-when the mood strikes of course!

I think of my 2 year old son, and if he hears a song he likes, or something makes him happy, he instantly breaks out into a dance, and tries to get everyone involved dancing with him. Talk about making someone’s day!!

Maybe you are dancing to feel even more beautiful, maybe it’s a small form of exercise in the day, or maybe you want to lighten a mood in the air, or to just plain have FUN!!

This image is from the episode on Seinfeld where Elaine is dancing, and everyone is watching her-laughing. I love how she was so carefree, having fun, and didn’t care what others thought! More of us need to take on that attitude! Be happy and have fun!

So, the next time something even remotely good happens…DANCE and CELEBRATE!! Whatever the reason is…Just do it, no matter how goofy you may look! Laughing Just be happy!

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