Earth Day: April 22, 2013

It’s Earth Day!!

Today is the day, Happy Earth Day!! Take some time today to help make our world a better place.

It’s a great day to go outside for a walk, run, or bike ride to enjoy the great outdoors that we are blessed to have. You can possibly do a good deed by cleaning up the litter as you walk by. My husband and I do this regularly on our walks with the children to help instill at an early age that littering is not good, and to also show how we care for the earth.

Another great idea would be to consider composting if you do not already do it. You can get a compost bin for your home which will later give you nutrient rich soil. We use one right near our garden to make things easy. Another idea is that you can get a “green bin” (in certain areas) to put your food scraps. Simply and easy, every little bit helps.

Over the weekend we planted small trees beside our house.

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What are you doing today to help our planet earth and celebrate Earth Day? Feel free to share some of your ideas!!

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