Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my amazing Husband!!

2 years ago I married the man of my dreams, and our love grows stronger each day.  2 years ago at this exact moment this picture was taken by Jenn and Dave Stark photographers. I had met up with Craig before our wedding ceremony-just the two of us-and Jenn and Dave absolutely captured the moment!!

2 years have past and I love him even more than I did then!! He is a wonderful friend, husband, and father to our two little boys!! We have accomplished so much in our short time together, I cannot wait to see what is in store for our future! 🙂

Life will always be difficult, there will always be challenges, but there will also be many joys and many amazing moments!! My love for you grows stronger everyday!!

The greatest thing in life is finding the person who knows you so well….knows your flaws, your weaknesses, your mistakes, your failures….and still thinks your amazing!!

Happy 2nd anniversary Craig….looking forward to many more wonderful years together!! Love you!! <3


  1. I love you so much my dear!! Thanks for writing a post on your blog for our wedding anniversary!


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