Happy 4 months Dylan

Happy 4 months Dylan!

It’s crazy how time flies, especially when you have children, and even more so when you have a baby. They change and grow ever so quickly…..this time being no exception!! My “little guy” Dylan is growing way too quickly before my eyes.

Weighing at almost 19 lbs at 4 months, 27 1/2 inches long…. he is truly a BIG little guy!! Wearing 9 month sleepers already, he’s one healthy boy!!  I’m starting to get the feeling that he will be Carson’s bigger younger brother. :S

His older brother Carson is simply in love with his little brother now. They giggle together, Carson hugs and kisses Dylan, and you can already see Dylan’s fascination over his big brother!!
It’s so cute seeing Carson care so much for his brother, wanting to bring toys to him, wanting to make him laugh, excited when he looks at him, wanting to know that when he cries…that he is OK. It’s so precious!

It seems like not that long ago we welcomed Dylan into our family, and then soon saw one month pass by….now he’s already 4 months!! wow! I’m trying to remember to ENJOY EVERY MOMENT I CAN  with these little boys…..soon Carson will be off to school. YIKES!


  1. He is way too cute, happy 4 months buddy!

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