Have you been RAK’d today?

Random Act of Kindness Day!!
Have you been RAK’d!!??!!

Today is another Random Act of Kindness Day! There is something wonderful about this day as people pay it forward. People wake up and have no idea what might happen to them, and they are thinking of ways to be kind to others. Being a broadcasted caring day, people are more conscious of their daily interactions with others. Smile

Random Act of Kindness Day is an opportunity to do something kind for someone else, to appreciate our fellow citizens and for community building – it’s NOT about fundraising or giving money – just a day to celebrate kindness.

Some Random Act of Kindness Ideas:

  • Pay for someone’s coffee, movie ticket, meal, etc. (great when they are behind you in line, or a great gesture for someone on the street)
  • Bring in treats/snacks to work for your fellow co-workers
  • Clean up garbage while on a walk— being kind to our environment
  • Leave a small gift on someone’s doorstep – with an anonymous note saying “You’ve been RAK’d!!”
  • Write a handwritten letter to someone you care about–telling them how much you appreciate them
  • Help out a neighbour with yard work (shoveling, raking, gardening)
  • Donate food items, clothing, toys, furniture, books, etc
  • Volunteering your time — there are many organizations in need

There is something about kindness that has this contagious energy about it! It feels good, and you just want to keep on doing nice things for others!! Not to mention it helps show our children the excellent role model we can be, by showing our care and appreciation of others.
Random acts of kindness should really be done everyday….but it’s nice to put a day out to the world for all to think twice about some of the things they do on a regular basis, and look at areas of their life where they could improve!

What random acts of kindness have you done today?? Have you been RAK’d?? Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day! Smile

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