How to Fight a Cough- Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies to Fight a Cough…

Blah, with the cold weather comes coughs and colds. Thankfully, I have not been sick what-so-ever….knock on wood!! Wink It can be hard to fight it sometimes. Focus on healthy eating, rest, and lot’s of fluids to keep your immune safe.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones who does end up getting a cough…
Here are a few simple and effective, natural remedies to help fight your cough away without resorting to nasty cough syrup.

  • The first and foremost remedy I recommend to people is Hot water, Lemon, and Honey Mixture. It is simple, inexpensive, and outperforms cough syrup all the time!! Not to mention, it simply tastes better too!!
  • A hot tea is beneficial as well, feel free to add in honey if your taste buds desire. Any tea will work but Green Tea is best.
  • Around half a cup of water, 1 big spoon turmeric, 1 small teaspoon pepper, cinnamon sticks ..boil the above mixture for 2-3 min. pour it in a cup and add 2 big spoons of Honey.
  • Boil a stick of cinnamon in water until water changes color then serve with a table spoon of natural honey, and squeeze a whole lemon or lime.
  • Put VICKS on your feet before bed, and cover your feet with socks. Should help your throat, and cough. Great for children and adults! I have done this before and was amazed at how it worked!
  • Eat warm/hot soup to soothe your throat and fight your cough
  • Hot bath, or hot shower will help your body and throat get better
  • Drink lot’s of fluids, especially water. Avoid beverages such as pop/soda.
  • Get plenty of rest- sleep is so important to keep your immune system at it’s best

If anyone has any other remedies they know of, or have used to fight their cough, Please share below!!
Let’s help everyone stay healthy and feel good this winter!! Smile


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