Kid Friendly Activity- Plant Pals

Kid Friendly Activity- Plant Pals!

With yesterday being Earth Day, I got to thinking what other activities I could get the kids involved with and have some fun while at it. Searching online I found this great idea…. Plant Pals.

Great for preschoolers ages 2 and up!

When I stumbled across this I fell in love with the simplicity of this craft/project for children. Can you say….Chi Chi Chi Chia!! Laughing

Super easy to get this grassy-haired friend. Simply fill a cup with soil, sprinkle with grass seeds, give some sun, water and patience!!

Have some fun with the children getting their hands dirty in the soil, teaching them how to plant seeds, and learn the process of how things grow. We had planted some strawberry plants and will show you the progress of them soon!

Don’t forget to decorate your cup with either stickers, googly eyes, construction paper, markers, and other fun things around the house. Make a face, make a character, make an animal….. have some fun making your grassy-haired friends.

Overall, a great learning activity for children, really easy to make, and a great way to stay engaged your with your children. The ongoing check to see how they are doing, and then the fun will really happen when you can give them a hair cut, or put ribbons in the hair, and make fun hair styles!!

For full detailed instructions and more pictures courtesy of check out

Feel free to share any other ways you can think of to jazz up these Plant Pals! Have fun!

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