Labour Signs

Labour Signs- How do I know when I’m in labour?

I am still anxiously awaiting my babies arrival, and now begin to wonder what I should be expecting in terms of labour signs (as I seem to almost forget everything that happened the first time) Embarassed I am now 41 weeks pregnant and fully ready to get this baby out!! I have done all the natural ways to bring on labour….so now it’s a waiting game!!

Here are some things I have compiled to help new and old moms alike to help determine when you are in labour. Labour Signs:

  1. “Water Breaks”- (spontaneous rupture of membranes)-this happens when the amniotic sac (what surrounds baby) breaks. You may notice a small trickling or a gushing or even may notice a “popping” sensation when your water breaks. This does not happen to all moms, with my first child I had to have my water broken.
  2. Contractions– abdominal pain or discomfort caused by the tightening of the uterus. Contractions will start out as small pain or discomfort, and continually get stronger and more regular. Contractions will be more frequent and more painful as time progresses, you may notice some back pain as well during contractions.
  3. Mucus Plug– as your cervix begins to dilate (open), the thick mucous plug that seals off the cervix during pregnancy may become loose and discharge. It may be watery or sticky, or jelly-like, sometime with a brown or reddish tinge to it. This may happen for a few days, and could happen up to two weeks before labour actually starts.
  4. Feel ligher/breathe easier-the baby may have moved down even further and you may notice that you can breathe a little easier than before.
  5. More frequent bathroom visits- Baby has now moved further down, so you have more pressure on your bladder. Also, in the days prior to labour, you will more than likely notice more bowel movements (this is a good thing!!) Your body is smart and is trying to empty the bowels naturally to make room for baby! It is very natural and common to have a passing of stool during labour.
  6. Braxton Hicks Contractions– pre-labour “practice” contractions are felt by some women. Do not be alarmed if you do not experience this during your pregnancy.
  7. Shivering- you may notice trembling or shivering before, during and even after labour. This is your bodies natural way of relieving tension, it will only last a few minutes.
  8. Back pain- constant back pain could be an early labour sign

Other things you may notice:

  • Restless sleep
  • Mucousy, or blood stained discharge–sometimes this is called “the show” (if you haven’t noticed your mucous plug pass)
  • Increased pelvic pain/pressure- as babies head has dropped into position

As I was writing this article I had started noticing some of these signs throughout the day (and noticed more frequent bathroom visits days prior). I had intended to publish this that night after a few more revisions, but ended up facing some pretty fierce contractions that kept me in bed. As much as I was determined to send this out, contractions kept me from publishing.
I had my baby that night/next day/early morning. Stay tuned tomorrow for a picture of my newest love and addition to my life. Smile <3

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