Naturally Flavoured Water

Naturally Flavoured Water!!

When I was younger I was not the best at drinking enough water, and can sometimes struggle with it now. When flavoured water came around I was in LOVE—finally some kind of water I can enjoy. This eventually passed and I was able to finally enjoy and appreciate water on it`s own. Having said that, I am still always eager to find ways to spruce up my water in a natural way (besides lemons all the time). I came across this and LOVED the concept and simplicity of it. Seemed so obvious, however I had never tried or even thought of doing it before….especially some of the unique flavour combinations!!

  • All Citrus, Raspberry lime, Watermelon Rosemary, Blackberry Sage, Pineapple mint

These are a few ideas, but you can get creative and create more ideas on you own depending on your taste preferences. The flavours intensify the longer you have the fruit and other herbs, etc in the water. It is a great idea for summer parties when fresh fruit is season, however frozen fruit will work just as well! Get creative and have fun!

For more flavour varieties, as well as to get a more in-depth how-to-make these naturally delicious flavoured water varieties seen above check out The Yummy Life Website. They also have many more fun and interesting ideas on their site!

Monica Matheny, who wrote the article I find to be a lot like myself!! It`s actually quite interesting as what she writes in her article I feel the exact same way. I as well used to drink pop fairly regularly and Dr. Pepper was one of my favourite pop choices. I then found out how much sugar was in it and decided to limit my intake and switch to juice–which is also loaded with sugar! I then transitioned to water which I found to be boring-so I elected drinking bottled flavoured water. Bottled water is worse than tap water due to environmental and other reasons (see here for facts on bottled water) and I have tried to avoid it.
This is a great idea, and a simple way to spruce up your water, that will hopefully increase your water intake!! Smile

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