Planting your own garden

Planting your own garden!

This past weekend was the May 24 Long Weekend, and with that and the beautiful weather we had planted our garden. We typically wait until the May 24 weekend as we want to ensure it will not frost and damage any plants we put in.

My husband and I have always had gardens growing up (our parents, and grandparents) so it has always been a natural activity for us which we both enjoy. With the price of fruits and vegetables continuously rising, it’s a great idea to start your own garden. We like to save money, but more importantly we love having the fruits and vegetables at the convenience of our own backyard, and knowing that they are free of chemicals and pesticides. Laughing

In this I will share with you some of the benefits to planting your own garden, as well as some tips for starting your own garden.

Benefits of planting your own garden:

  • Exercise!! Gardening uses all the major muscle groups, and helps increase joint flexibility and strength. A great way to tone your body, as it can burn just as many calories as the average aerobic workout.
  • Have a healthier diet!! Vegetables and fruit that are grown from your own garden taste better so you will be more likely to eat it. Guaranteed freshness, no pesticides to have to worry about, and at the convenience of your own backyard! When you eat more fruits and vegetables, your body is getting more nutrients….so in turn….better health!
  • Mental Stimulation!! As you figure out what to plant, where to plant it requires imagination and inspiration.
  • Calm your mind!! Get outdoors and away from the day-to-day craziness! Things like cellphones, TV, and computers can overstimulate your mind. Once you remove these things, your mind can relax, focus on one thing at a time, and you can enjoy the task at hand. A calm mind will improve the health of every cell in your body.
  • Connect with nature!! Humans have a deep need to connect with nature, which is interesting considering the amount of time most people spend being cut off from nature. Most people spend their time in the house, car, office, stores, etc. Gardening can help you rekindle your true appreciation for our earth. A healthier earth means a healthier you!
  • Fun activity for kids!! A great way to get your children involved in an outdoor activity with you. Let them help you plant the seeds, dig holes, and feel like a special helper! It can also continue to be a fun activity as you water the plants and watch them grow!
  • Save money! It is much cheaper to plant your own vegetables and fruit….as long as your plants come up!!

Tips for planting your own garden:

  • Remove any stones as well as Fertilize your soil, so that your garden will grow its best. Fertilizer will help ensure that your plants are getting the proper nutrients they need.
  • Buying healthy, strong plants will help give your garden a good start.
  • Planning in advance, and starting your own plants from seeds indoors can help you get a head start on your garden, and ensure you get healthy plants.
  • Start small. When planting your first garden it’s better to start out small so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. Start out small, and expand (if necessary) every year based on your needs and abilities to maintain the garden.
  • Share with others! When you buy a packet of seeds you often get much more than you need-so consider splitting the cost of seeds with someone else (seeds are inexpensive…but it’s the theory behind it). This will also avoid waste!
  • Turn over your soil. A rototiller works wonderfully, however not everyone has one. Borrow from a friend, or use your shovel and rake to turn over the soil.
  • Plant your seeds as directed on the package, ensuring to space accordingly
  • Get stakes if needed to keep large plants from falling over.
  • Get manure to feed nutrients to your plants, and get them growing faster, and stronger.
  • Water, Water, Water so your plants can grow, grow, grow!!

Enjoy a few photos of our garden all planted…..and even some plants that were watered, and staked (our tomatoes)!! This year we will be enjoying raspberries, strawberries, yellow beans, green beans, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, as well as rhubarb!!! Smile


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