Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips

Potty training can be a fun and adventurous time for many parents. You may think you are on track and things are going well, and then your child may decide that they no longer care to use the potty. I will share a few things I have learned with my little one.

I found that shortly after the age of 2 my son Carson was “ready” to start potty training. We tried many different methods and with a few hiccups along the way we were using the potty all the time. Until, of course, baby brother came along!! Everything got set back once again! After this I tried another method which seems to have brought us right back to where we were with liking the potty…but this time much more successful!!

A few potty training tips and ideas:

  • Bribery and Treats– we tried this initially and it was a huge success (go figure, who doesn’t want a treat) but found this one wore off quickly and no longer worked. That, and I didn’t really think it was right to bribe a child with junk to do something he needs to do.
    We then started using bribery for certain toys he wanted…but again, this failed to work properly.
    Other forms of treats could be stickers, money, stamps, or a surprise bag of goodies.
  • No more diapers- I was advised that when a child is ready, you should just take the diapers off and let them get uncomfortable and they will use the toilet. This unfortunately did not work so well for me. My son didn’t mind getting his clothes soaking wet. I however, disliked all the laundry and floor clean ups I was having to do…so this method got discontinued.
  • Big Boy/Girl Underwear-along the same lines as no more diapers, but this time you stress that they are a “big boy/girl”, even letting them pick out their new underwear.
  • Set a timer- when a timer goes off, or when the clock hits a certain time, go to the potty and try. If nothing happens, nothing happens, but the point is to make it a natural place to go to-and start forming the habit.
  • Ask – if they have to use the potty. Keep asking, and bring them to try at times.
  • Make the potty fun- this is something that we have done ever since we had “backtracking” and it worked really very well! Every time my little boy used the potty we had two different songsĀ  we did the “pee pee potty dance” and we did the “poo poo in the potty” dance to celebrate every time he used it! He still loves to dance afterwards–and we always join him!
  • No pants or diaper- this was one of the best tips I got!! My son was all of a sudden more aware of what was going on and discovered he could use control. Unfortunately you cannot leave the house with no pants on, but we discovered once he found his control he was no longer wetting his diapers, instead he was holding it in until we were home or somewhere there was a potty.
  • Make them feel proud– this we did by giving “high fives” and dancing to celebrate, we also called grandma/grandpa up and calling them to say guess what he had done!! All the positive reinforcement truly does help.

There are many books and DVD’s that can also help assist with potty training.

Sometimes you need to stop for a while if you realize nothing is working. Your child may not be ready yet! Give it a while and try again. The best thing you can be is consistent! It’s such a good feeling when they have figured it out!! Smile


  1. Great Tips! Thanks so much, I am going to try some of these. Thanks for being so honest on what worked and what didn’t work.

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