Pumpkin Fun!

Pumpkin Fun with the kids!

As the fall decor comes down and the Christmas decor goes out, it’s time to have fun with those pumpkins!! There are lot’s of things you can do with pumpkins besides the traditional “cut and carve”, that are fun with kids. Today we had some kid friendly fun, as well as got a few things accomplished! Some of the things we did included roasted pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin puree, and the rest was just fun!

Putting children’s hands in the goopy, seedy, stringy insides!

This is always a fun experience for children whether it is their first time or not! Their surprised expressions are priceless! Their first few times always catch them off guard. I got a few shots (one above) of the experience we had! This is such a simple and fun learning/touch-and-feel activity for children.

Take those seeds out! Make roasted pumpkin seeds.

This was one of the fun parts that my son Carson was able to help out with! “Help me find all the seeds”….”ok Mommy” he would reply! Determined to find them all, made it even more fun! We saved the seeds and put them aside so we could wash them and make roasted pumpkin seeds. Yum! Stay tuned to check out our roasted pumpkin seed experience!

Cleaning the pumpkin, and getting it ready to eat!

Cutting off the hard shell, as well as cleaning the insides of the pumpkin out allow for the use of the yummy pumpkin part. Time consuming, but well worth it! Cutting it up into pieces allowed for me to give some to my son Carson to snack on while I prepared them for boiling.

Making Pumpkin Puree

After boiling the pumpkin pieces I pureed the pumpkin to be used later for baby food (for my 6 month old son), as well as to be put aside for some cooking recipes. Stay tuned to see what recipes I make with pumpkin puree!
One drink that I enjoy in the fall when pumpkins are in season is a Pumpkin Spice Shake. For the recipe click here.

These were just a few of the ways you can have fun with kids, while cleaning up your pumpkin!


  1. Deanna,
    There are some super “non-traditional” pumpkin seed recipes out there, this year we did “Cinnamon Sugar” pumpkin seeds, but I’ve also seen ones with Cheese, Curry, Red Pepper and so on – Delicious And relatively nutritious too 🙂

    • Itotally agree Angie!
      We made traditional ones, as well as the cinnamon flavour kind!! Really good! Didn’t make the other types-sound neat tho! Thx!!

  2. I loved the pumpkin seeds you made! Thanks Deanna and Carson!

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