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AlkaMate alkaline waterReview: AlkaMate– Portable Alkaline Water

I know bottled water is bad for the environment, and is certainly not good for us to drink out of, however, I still find myself tempted (and sometimes still drink from them). It is just so gosh darn easy, convenient—and so readily available. Earlier this year I displayed some of the facts about bottled water and have tried my best to stay away from them.

I used to hardly ever drink water unless it was bottled. I then discovered the facts about bottled water, and had then decided to use a portable water container when I was out and about. Later, I was introduced to the AlkaMate which helps me conquer a few battles. #1: having a portable water container, #2: providing me we filtered water, #3: not worrying about harmful plastics, #4:helping me make my body more alkaline!!!
Basicially, this is one stylish and reusable water bottle with filter–with extra perks!!

Nowadays, North American diet is highly acidic due to animal products, refined grains, sugars and processed foods—and worse yet—fast food!!….just to name a few! To see more foods that are considered acidic, and ones that are considered alkaline click here to see the alkaline food chart.

Why would I want my body to be more “alkaline”?? There are many health benefits to eating alkaline foods and drinking alkaline drinks. When our body is more alkaline our immune is stronger, and we are better able to fight off diseases as no disease can survive in an alkaline environment. Diseases thrive in acidic environments. To read more on this check out a great article I found titled “Fight disease by keeping your body in a natural alkaline state” by Dr. Young of Snyder Health.

The AlkaMate is quite easy to use, you simply fill with tap water, shake, wait, and enjoy filtered and alkaline water! It’s a portable water bottle with filter. It is a perfect size that can be taken anywhere as it fits in all cup holders (some of my portable containers did not). Due to the stainless steel bottle it also helps me keep my water cold, just the way I like it during the hot summer days!!
It comes with a carrying case, and also is available in 5 colours!! I went with the red! I really wanted pink, which I hear they may be coming out with a pink one soon!!
When I use it I feel a sense of pride not relying on bottled water. This bottle is reusable! I also feel like I am doing my part to help the environment.
One thing that I must say is that I always notice the “taste” of water. Some I like, and some I most certainly do not. Seems odd, but I really do notice a taste difference. I found the AlkaMate to have a pleasant taste to tap water! Bonus!

A downfall to the AlkaMate would be that you need to wait until you can drink it. Rather, you should wait 15 minutes until you drink it –to truly benefit from the water system. When I want my water—I want it now!! Also just like any other filtering systems you do need to replace one filter every 6 months or every 500L. Thankfully they give you an extra filter for each AlkaMate–so you are covered for a year! The retail price of $99.97 is a little steep for my liking, however I can see the long term value in the product.  You can get a lower price by buying multiples-where if you buy 4 they work out to be $50 each.

The AlkaMate is distributed by Healthier Living 4 You– a family owned and operated business located in Wellesley, Ontario. I would without a doubt recommend the AlkaMate to anyone and everyone! It’s pretty cool to be able to have a reusable water bottle with a filter!

For more information or to buy one click here to check out the AlkaMate website.


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