Showcasing Successful Mom~Sara McAuley

~Scribbles Boutiques~Hand Stamped Jewelry by Sara McAuley

I have had the pleasure to meet Sara McAuley about a year ago in a very random way… as she was applying for a job. We had started chatting, and got along right from the start. Sara has such a kind, sweet, bubbly and positive personality that I was just drawn to get to know her more!! We connected on Facebook shortly after and have been “friends” ever since! 😉

Sara lives in the small town of Baden where I grew up, has two boys Aiden and Liam who are both under school age, and is happily married to her husband Malcolm. She used to be a Child and Youth Worker in a School, and has since taken on motherhood along with other hobbies and business ventures.

Sara started her home business shortly after realizing she needed a little more in her life as she was starting to go “batty” as she jokingly remarks. Sara is incredibly creative and discovered hand stamped jewelry in the United States…but was unable to find stores locally, so instantly a new hobby was born! This hobby turned into a side business as she was getting orders from friends, family, and previous employers!! Scribbles Boutique is run solely by Sara who is self taught. Sara takes care of orders, as well as the marketing, administration, and shopping!

Picture Sara with tools that look like a drill bit, being hammered into the jewelry and other novelty items she makes. No two pieces are ever the same as every letter or design is a different stamp done with her personal touch! She admits it takes a lot of care, concentration and focus! So awesome having your own personalized piece of jewelry !!

Feel free to check out her website for more information. Pictures of her work can mostly be found on her Facebook page and you can also email her at to get information on getting your own personalized piece made.

Sara has her hands full: she is a full time mom, runs her own business Scribbles Boutique, does before and after school childcare, works approx 10 hours/week at a local grocery store, and also finds time for hobbies such as reading and working out/going to the gym 3-4 times a week!! How DOES SHE DO IT? I simply LOVE her attitude. She claims “I’m pretty persistent. Tell me I can’t do something and I will find a way to do it!”

Another thing that I LOVE is that Sara has a vision board. This is something my husband and I have also been doing for the past 3 years. She does just like we do, updates it ongoing as they have completed goals/accomplished what they had on the list! It was so cool hearing that she does this as well! It sounds silly, but it works!

Finding the time for her business can sometimes be a struggle but she makes it work by multi-tasking in all areas. As the children are eating breakfast she will be cleaning the kitchen and livingroom, while they are having a bath she will find the time to quickly clean the bathroom or will use this time to assemble pieces and get items ready to be mailed out – picture two boys in the bathtub and Sara two feet away with her supplies all around her! She will stamp pieces when her husband is playing with the children. In between everything she finds the time to return emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, etc!

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  1. Thank you so much Deanna! It’s been great working with you on this!

    • It’s been my pleasure!! 🙂 I love connecting with fantastic moms….and especially showcasing their wonderful businesses!!

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