Showcasing Successful Mom~Tracy Brenner

Today we are showcasing the success of Tracy Brenner, busy wife and mother of two adorable boys. Tracy lives in the small town of St. Clements and has been selling Tupperware since 2004. This business has been a perfect fit for Tracy as she LOVES to cook. Tupperware has allowed her to keep a very organized, and happy kitchen! One thing that Tracy loves about her business is that she is able to have the flexibility of running her business mostly online, so this has allowed her to be a stay at home mom. In her spare time she also enjoys to fish, and garden!

Tracy Brenner started selling Tupperware after personally using it and loving it! She has used it to organize her cupboards as well as her fridge, which has also allowed her to save space. She started selling to friends and family, and then later became a manager in the company a couple of years ago. She has found people online to build a team, and away she went! Now, she primarily focuses on internet sales as well as the customer base she has acquired over the past 8 years.

Tracy finds the time to run her business from home by fitting in “Tupperware time” each day while her son naps. Her computer is also in close proximity to the children’s play area so she is able to monitor them while catching up on emails.

Who doesn’t love Tupperware?!? Tupperware can simplify the life in many ways. Tupperware can save you time, money, space, and waste. How? Tupperware has created uniquely designed containers such as Vent n’ Serve, and FridgeSmart containers…among others!!

For more information on Tupperware and their products—how they can save you time, money, space, and waste– feel free to visit Tracy Brenner’s Tupperware website. Not to mention always great to check out to see what sales are on!! Who doesn’t like a sale!! Smile

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