Research Proves Mother And Child Are Always Apart of Each other

What if your child was always apart of you? What if your child's cells were apart of you for a lifetime, helping keep you healthy and alive. The … [Read more...]

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Year End Reflection

Year End Reflection- What happened this year? Where did that year go? We always seem to be amazed at where the time has gone. Did you accomplish … [Read more...]

How to develop success habits

How to Develop Success Habits I love this you can relate this to so many aspects of your life!! Enjoy! By: Chris Freytag If you want … [Read more...]

5 things to boost your metabolism

5 things to boost your metabolism We all get to a point in our life where our weight gain starts to creep up on us slowly but surely. It may have … [Read more...]

Thirsty Thursday!! Kiwi Honeydew Shake!!

Thirsty Thursday!! Kiwi Honeydew Body by vi Shake! Two weeks ago I wrote on the health benefits of kiwi fruit, so I think it's only fitting that we … [Read more...]

Health and Nutritional Benefits of Kiwi Fruit!

What is Kiwi Good for? Over the past few years, (due to my husband’s influence) I have grown quite fond on the kiwi fruit. I was very apprehensive of … [Read more...]

What your Pee and Poop are telling YOU!!

What your pee and poop are saying about your body and health. I'm sure most of us have heard that your the colour of your pee, as well as the … [Read more...]