Review: AlkaMate

Review: AlkaMate- Portable Alkaline Water I know bottled water is bad for the environment, and is certainly not good for us to drink out of, however, … [Read more...]

Making Canned Peaches and Pears

Making Canned Peaches and Pears As the summer comes to a close, I get into a canning/preserving mode!!! Last week we made homemade dill pickles and … [Read more...]

Naturally Flavoured Water

Naturally Flavoured Water!! When I was younger I was not the best at drinking enough water, and can sometimes struggle with it now. When flavoured … [Read more...]

Aquafit- Exercise can be Fun!

Exercise CAN be fun if you allow it to be. Especially while pregnant!! :) I know as I have about 2 months until the next baby arrives that I'm not as … [Read more...]