Review: The Mom 100 Cookbook!

I love cookbooks. I know you can often find recipes online and such, but when I find something I like….I like to have a hard copy of it!

Recently I got The MOM 100 Cookbook by Katie Workman and loved it as soon as I saw it!! I found her online while searching out various recipes….and decided that her book was one I needed to have!!

Why you may ask?? Well …for a number of reasons!!
And here are just a few of the reasons why I like The Mom 100 Cookbook:

  1. She has solutions for moms out there who are trying to satisfy everyone when it comes to dinner time meals. She gives you what she calls “fork in the road” options. Take a meal and turn it into a meal that will cater to all tastes. I am already facing this as my husband and I like spicy dishes, where my son will say they are too hot (rightly so). To make life “easy” I tried to make more bland meals….but then my husband would complain!! I could never win–this book is giving me clever ways to spice up, and have variety meals to cater to all tastes!
  2. Her cookbook is filled with photos–every recipe has a photo with it!! Nothing is better than knowing what the end result should look like!! Wink
  3. She has tons of tips when it comes to cooking and children–such as “everything tastes better on a stick”! Things like fruit kabobs, salad on a stick, etc make it fun and exciting for children, or for guests when you are entertaining!
  4. Her cookbook title says MOM 100 Cookbook, however, it is for everyone!! Moms typically do most of the cooking, and can absolutely benefit from this cookbook filled with tips and awesome recipes!
  5. The Mom 100 Cookbook starts off with an intro: How to pick your battles and find happiness in the kitchen!! How perfect!! She goes on about tips for handling picky eaters, how to get your kids to eat more, must have-amazing ingredients to have in your kitchen, on to kitchen tricks and tips!!
  6. The cookbook is well written, informative, fun and entertaining throughout!! I could not put the book down the first day I got it!!! Haha!
  7. The cookbook is extremely organized by fun categories such as: Quick and easy breakfasts, Lunch to stay or go, A handful of snacks, Appetizers? really? really?, Souped up, Salads and a couple of vinaigrette’s, 4 chickens and a turkey, Main dish meat, Fish and seafood, Hearty comfort foods, Pasta and pizza–the magic words, Vegetarian mains, Potluck, Mixed company dinners, Let’s call a carb a carb, Best-shot vegetables, Weekend brunches, Simple weeknight desserts, Special occasion desserts, Bake sale, as well as a few other reference materials!! Talk about quick and easy to find meals or ideas for “what to make?”!!
  8. Throughout the cookbook she states certain “dilemmas” when it comes to cooking meals, snacks, time, etc and gives you solutions to every problem!! I laughed at every one as I could see how it related to me and many others I know!
  9. After reading through the cookbook I felt as though I knew Katie and was almost a part of her life!! haha! She makes the cookbook so much fun to read as she relates it to her life and things she has encountered!
  10. There are so many recipes that I cannot wait to try out!! First being bookmarked–the Lazy Oven French Toast!! Will keep you updated on how that one goes!! Smile

It is called The Mom 100 Cookbook, as it is the 100 recipes every mom needs in her back pocket! I completely agree that the book is filled with so many important recipes, idea, information and tips that anyone can learn something from this cookbook and take a new piece of advice or new recipe idea from it.

I had shown the book to my mom when she was over and she seemed quite impressed by the book–and took a few “aha” tips from it as well!!! Doesn’t matter how experienced in the kitchen you are–you are sure to learn a thing or two….not to mention have a few laughs along the way!!

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