Thirsty Thursday!! Orange Vi Shake with a kick of Pro!!

Thirsty Thursday!! Orange Dream Vi-Shake with a kick of Pro!!

I most certainly enjoy my shake with milk, but I love to mix it up a bit with Orange Juice! This is a great shake for someone who needs energy in the morning because you are PRO which is for prolonged energy!! It is also a great drink to have before your workout, or in the afternoon or evening to give you a natural energy boost!

The Vi Shape Shake mix will give you nutrition, and the Pro will give you a natural energy boost that will last for a few hours!! Enjoy the tasty combination of orange and passion fruit in this delicious shake!

Orange Vi Shake with a kick of PRO Recipe:


ViSalus PRO™ Prolonged Energy Drink mixvisalus prolonged energy

Fuel your day with lasting energy. This portable drink mix can be added to water, or any beverage to provide power packed energy. Supports those that are active or leading an active lifestyle to perform at their best. Can be taken before, or during a work out for lasting power.  Passion fruit Punch flavor.

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