Thirsty Thursday!! Peppermint Oreo Shake!

Thirsty Thursday!! Oreo Shake treat in Celebration of Oreo’s 100th Birthday this week!!

This Tuesday was Oreo’s 100th Birthday! In celebration we are going to enjoy our Thirsty Thursday Shake in an Oreo way!! Peppermint Oreo that is!

I love Oreos, but once I start snacking on one….I seem to finish the entire row of cookies!! Yikes!! This shake helps me feel as if I had a Oreo treat, but I have saved tons of calories by not having one-or the whole row of cookies!! The Andes peppermint chips are hard to find in grocery stores, they do have the regular mint chips as well which work just the same!! This is my healthy breakfast today, filled with nutrition. Maybe next time it will be a late night snack!!  See below for full recipe!

Peppermint Oreo Vi-Shape Shake Recipe:
2 scoops Vi-Shape shake mix
8 oz milk
1 tbsp JELLO Oreo pudding mix
1 tbsp Andes Peppermint chips
5-6 ice cubes……..Blend and enjoy!!

The Body By Vi Shape Shake mix is the
“Shake mix that tastes like cake mix”!

Full of nutrition, great as a meal replacement or as a snack!

Click on the shake mix to see more about it!

Body By Vi Shape Shake Mix



  1. Sounds great, can’t wait to try it!


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