Triple Chocolate Cake Shake!!

Thirsty Thursday!!
Triple Chocolate Cake Vi-Shake!!

We all want to eat our cake…..and not have to have all the calories come with it!! Here is a delicious shake that will taste like you are drinking a rich chocolate cake, but saving all the calories!! The Vi-shake is the shake mix that tastes like cake mix–and here’s a great way to make that cake extra chocolate!! Imagine–a cake that actually has nutritional value in it!! Wahoo!!

I love having my shake with the chocolate mix in, as well as cocoa, and after looking through the cupboards found another thing to add into it to make it even more chocolatey…not to mention the simple change of using chocolate milk vs white milk!! This chocolate cake shake is Yummy! 🙂

Triple Chocolate Cake Visalus Shake Recipe:

  • 8 oz chocolate milk
  • 2 scoops vi-shape shake mix
  • 1 packet chocolate flavour mix in (or 1 tsp of cocoa)
  • 1 tbsp sugar free chocolate pudding mix

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